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4 Oct 2023

Norton and ESET both have a similar installation process and user-friendly interfaces across all platforms. Sign-up and installation is easy and simple with both programs as well as the ability to add additional features when you check out. If you choose to buy a subscription for the full year, both Norton and ESET will provide you with a breakdown of the price to ensure you know exactly what you’re paying for.

Both programs were rated highly in tests by AV-Comparatives, and both have similar features to help protect your device from malware. For instance both programs come with a password manager, however ESET’s version is more advanced, with the ability to recognize when your passwords are being used on different websites and alert you to any suspicious activity. The program also has an option to detect sites that offer phishing services and warns users that they may be used to steal your personal data or contain ransomware.

Another aspect I like is the ability to protect files using industry-standard AES 256-bit encryption, which is a feature that many antivirus programs do not offer in their cheapest plans. Additionally, the program comes with a security audit, which can help you find your weaknesses and improve your cybersecurity performance.

The latest version of ESET’s antivirus software includes the tool “Secure Data” which is an antiransomware component. It will couchtuner2 to detect and block any unauthorised modifications made to your files. ESET also recently launched an Identity Alert System, which will notify you immediately if there’s any unusual activity on your credit card or other details that could be a sign of identity theft.