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Education Development

Pledge to Restore is dedicated to improve the education and the educational standards of the less fortunate children living in North and East of Sri Lanka. We are committed to bring educational transformation for the younger generation in the war effected communities, by supporting the local schools to deliver free school curriculum. On this initiative, we are working with charity partners and local schools to renovate school buildings, to improve other facilities and to mainly transform the emerging discipline of psychological development in these children by creating a sound environment to learn and develop. Further, we will provide direct support to children who are financially challenged in gaining sound education as it is a child’s right to be educated. Through schools we will advocate Community Engagement programs in the local communities via below programs; through this initiative we will be empowering the local community.

– Local schools; Community as a Classroom”
– Entrepreneurship Classes
– Career and Life Skills training
We will implement improvement measures to improve standards, resources allocation and aim to achieve above average or highest results to transform the Northern and Eastern Provinces in Sri Lanka. The program will also include to meet basic needs for the children with the following needs where you can commit to contribute;

1. School uniforms, Shoes, Notepads, pencils, pens, books
2. Desks, Cupboards,
3. Books to set-up the Library facilities
4. Setting up computer labs
5. Printers & photo copy machines
6. Teaching materials and syllabus
7. Curriculum Equipment and Resources
8. Restoring the war affected school buildings and toilets
9. Water sanitation in schools
10. Recreation centres, Playground establishment and Sports materials and Equipment’s
11. Life Skills Development facilities.