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Rufus Tank Aquaculture Development Project for sustainable Livelihood in Ampara District

Details of Irrigation Tanks under the purview of Ampara Range

Ampara District situated in the Southern part of the Eastern province in Sri Lanka is bounded in the North by Batticaloa District, in the West by Matale, Moneragala & Badulla Districts in the south Hambantota District and in the West Indian Ocean.

The total District land extent is 4,415 of which provincial area occupies an extent of 1,681 Water bodies cover an extent of 96 The topography is mainly an undulating flat lands.

The mean annual temperature of the district is 28 degree C . The rain fall is not equally distributed throughout the year and has a bimodal pattern having heavy intensity in the months of October to March (Maha Season) with less shower rains in April to September (Yala season) The annual average rainfall varies from 900 mm to 1150 mm. The North East Monsoon brings major part of the rainfall with little variation within the District.

Rufus Kulam
Thirukkovil DS Division
Irrigable Area in Acres:1,192
Capacity in Ac.ft
Catchment Area in sq.miles:3.8
Year of Renovation/Rehabilitation:2012
Source of Fund
No. of Farmers Benefited
Cultivation Area – Maha (Acres)
Cultivation Area – Yala (Acres)
Present Status
The above lake is one of the naturally build one which highly protected by the environment surroundings and the above lake contains all natural resources which is necessary to the Pickerel. It would be a great thing if the Pickerel project implement in this lake and it would be a path to increase the economical level of the people who are living here.


The Goal
By Using the pond for aquaculture to increase the income of the people and dominate the live hood.


  • Raising the fish yield by leaving fingerlings into the pond.
  • Increase income of the said people by selling fish
  • Encourage the dry fish production
  • Getting benefits from the pond


Project Outcome

  • Leaving 50000 fingerlings into the pond and maintaining them
  • Harvest the fish every three month of period which has been leaved in the pond each time.
  • By claiming Rs.2.50 from the beneficiaries, would be a easy way to settled down the payment of Fish fry.
  • Through the said project more than 800 people can earn Rs.1000-1500 daily.


Direct And Indirect Beneficiaries

  • Through the above said project there are 800 direct Beneficiaries and as some indirect Beneficiaries will enjoy the benefits
  • The fish sellers who are live on the particular area can earn hand full of profit by buying fishes in a reasonable price.
  • The fish sellers could buy required quantity of fish.
  • Consumers can buy fresh fish in a reasonable price as fish available without any competitions.
  • Any level of the public can have good fresh fish, because of this nutrias level of their will be increase.
  • If enough of fish available caught, Dry fish production can be done.
  • By the wastage of dry fish production, could make cattle feed . So the live stock breeders will get benefit of this.


Reporting and Responsibilities

  • The project will be monitor and maintain by the fishermen Association of the particular area. For the above project fingerlings will be issued by the NARA institution.
  • The payment for the fingerlings will be collected and pay to the NARA after harvesting the fish.
  • Needful suggestions and guidelines will be given by the officers of the ministry of fisheries.
  • Equipments for harvesting of fish can be obtain by the fishermen.



  • The above project will be initially started and sponsorship by the ministry if fisheries and NARA. And the harvest will be done once in three month. By this the livelihood of the fishermen will be increase regularly. So this project will be a sustainability program.
  • The defects on the project will be correct in the future as this project is under the monitoring of fisheries consultants.
  • This project will not make any harm to the nature. So there will be no oppositions to implementation the project .
  • The above project has very low investment and cost of maintain.