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Implementation date: 29/12/2023

There are several reasons why education support is essential in Batticaloa. Firstly, the region has been affected by years of conflict, which has disrupted education for many children. By providing education support, we can help to ensure that these children have access to quality education and the opportunity to build a better future for themselves. By investing in education support in Batticaloa, we can help to create a skilled workforce that can contribute to the region’s economic development.

Report on the function of ‘VITHAIKAL ‘

The foundation is VITHAIKAL, founded by Mr. and Mrs. Ruban and their friends in 2019. It mainly provides school materials and trees to poor students once a year. The program was held on 23 December 2023 and distributed Exercise Books and Cinnamon Plants to 200 families under the concept of ‘LEARN & INCULCATE’ and ‘A TREE to AHOUSE.’ Plants were donated by Mr S Sutha, who is attached to the Agrarian Office, Batticaloa.

The body had invited PLEDGE as it has contributed 250 exercise books to the foundation for the poor kids of a few villages in the Batticaloa area. The gathering was simple, lasting around 1 hour and 40 minutes, starting at 9.40 am. There were no guests except PLEDGE; all participants, including parents, were standing throughout the task except kids.

The founder said he saves one-tenth of his earnings and conducts the program once a year in December. He also pointed out that his friends subsidize the program every year. He stressed that his groups voluntarily visit villages, and they select if they feel that the family deserves relief. They do not have specific criteria for the prompt selection. I, too, noted that a few insusceptible kids also benefited.

I gave a short speech on ‘VALUE OF EDUCATION’ in the present context. The founder thanked PLEDGE for the assistance of 250 exercise books and requested to lend a hand in the future.

S Devachandra