Saturday - Sunday: 10:00AM - 4:00PM


We have made commitments to our current partners and wish to ensure that the relationships remain effective, our working in partnership to make a difference North and Eastern Sri Lanka.

We are project partners with like minded organisations, a global community, neighbors, friends and community leaders. Partnering enabling our reach by connecting with established International network and in Sri Lanka.

Help us to help you: we need new business partners

We are looking to expand the business partnership, help us to promote our charity initiatives in return we will promote your business to our network and social media partner promotions activities.

Why your company should get involved?

Help to build customer relationships

Your involvement and contribution 100% spend on our community project initiatives in local and overseas projects. You will have access to our regular project delivery reports, publish your project contribution in your business promotion and events. We promote your business through our monthly email news and through our social media campaigns to create business opportunities.

Improve your bottom line

Your charity contribution allows you to differentiate yourself from the competition, present your brand as responsible and create a tipping point for customers when given a choice. By enabling you to maintain a dialogue with your customer long after the original sale you can increase the lifetime value of your customer.

Connects with your customers

Our business networking events establish a direct & meaningful connection between the customer, your business and the project they have chosen to donate.