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Uthayan Pathmanathan


Meet Uthayan Pathmanathan, the founder of the PLEDGE charity organization that provides support and resources to rebuild villages in Sri Lanka. Uthayan’s passion for helping others began at a young age, and he has dedicated his life to positively impacting his community.

As a child, Uthayan witnessed civil war and many families’ struggles, including his own. The Northeast has a history of ethnic conflict and civil war. Empowering communities in this region can contribute to healing, reconciliation, and rebuilding trust among different ethnic and religious groups. These areas have faced unique challenges due to their history of conflict, displacement, and social, economic, and political disparities. Empowering local communities in the Northeast can lead to a more sustainable and inclusive development process.

Uthayan began to develop a vision for a charity that would provide practical assistance and emotional support to those in need. Through hard work and determination, THE PLEDGE charity has become a vital resource for the underprivileged community, offering everything from financial assistance to fostering employment, village enterprise through agricultural development, and educational support to uplift the living conditions of rural villages.

Despite the challenges of running a nonprofit organization, Uthayan remains committed to his mission, tirelessly advocates for those in need, and constantly seeks new ways to expand the charity’s reach and delivery impact. Engaging communities in economic activities helps create jobs, reduce poverty, and stimulate economic growth.

When communities are empowered to participate in community development, it leads to more sustainable and inclusive growth. For Uthayan, the greatest reward is seeing the positive impact that his charity has on the lives of those it serves. He firmly believes that everyone deserves a helping hand, and he will continue to work tirelessly to make that a reality for as many people as possible.

We envisioned a world where compassion, kindness, and generosity would come together to create a lasting impact. Today, that vision has become a remarkable reality, thanks to individuals like you who believe in our mission. From the very beginning, our goal has been to bring positive change to the lives of those in need. Your unwavering support has helped us provide essential resources, create opportunities, and spread hope to countless individuals and communities. Together, we have built a strong foundation upon which we continue to build bridges to a brighter future.

Every act of kindness, every donation, and every moment you’ve dedicated to our cause has inspired us to reach higher and strive harder. Your generosity has empowered us to turn challenges into opportunities, adversity into strength, and despair into hope. Each success story we’ve witnessed is a testament to your belief in the power of compassion.

As we move forward, our commitment remains unshaken. We are driven by the shared dream of making a meaningful difference in the world and leaving a positive legacy for generations.
With your continued support, we will continue to create ripples of change that extend far beyond what we can imagine.

I encourage you to stay connected with us, as your involvement is crucial to our progress. Whether volunteering, spreading awareness, or contributing in any way you can, your involvement fuels the fire of change that burns brightly within us.

Thank you, from the depths of my heart, for being a pillar of strength for the Pledge to Restore. Together, we transform lives, ignite hope, and shape a more compassionate and just future.
With boundless gratitude,

Uthayan Pathmanathan
Director/Founder, Pledge To Restore.