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The livestock farming create economic growth, develop sustainable economy and grow employment. A strong, competitive and sustainable economy is vital for Tamil community future. It will provide the confidence, investment and job opportunities that will enable a better quality of life for families and for future generations.

Dairying and livestock agricultural activities play an important role in shaping the local economy and the socio-economic development of the Tamil Community. They contribute to the food, nutrition security and household income of the farmers and generate gainful employment in war affected areas, particularly small and marginal farmers and women headed families, besides providing cheap and nutritious food.

Our initiatives is helping to secure the future of families through initiatives that will build industry capacity, importantly support the creation of new jobs and economic growth for communities living in North and East of Sri Lanka.

Increasing demand for milk and a low income population weaker sections of the society, milk and dairy development programme introduce income revenue for family survival. Our program focus is on promotion of industry knowledge sharing, improvement, feed supplementation, VET health services such as disease control and vaccination, and introduce industry leading innovation and techniques to livestock industry.