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12 Oct 2023

A VPN secures your data from being tracked by your ISP or other networks, and helps you keep your information from being tracked by marketing online. All VPNs aren’t alike, so it’s crucial to determine which features are most important for you. If you have multiple devices you want to safeguard it is important to ensure that the VPN service allows simultaneous connections. If you want features such as two-factor authentication or multifactor authentication, consider a VPN provider that provides these features.

Another factor to consider is speed; while most VPN services claim to offer speedy connections, not all provide the promised speed. If you’re looking for a VPN be sure to look over the speed test results and compare them with other competitors in our database. And, since VPNs handle sensitive personal information so it is best to choose a provider that has a strong reputation and transparent business practices. Mullvad has a high rating in both areas, because it doesn’t overhype its capabilities, and clarifies how it protects confidentiality. It has a unique account opening method. You can pay with crypto or mail a cash-filled envelope to the company, ensuring that it does not have personal information regarding you.

If you’re interested in streaming shows or movies then you’ll need an VPN that has a wide range of servers located around the globe that pass our tests on geoblocking. PIA has more than 84 servers, and one of the fastest speeds we’ve seen in our tests. This makes it great for streaming and gaming. It’s also easy to set up, has an easy-to-use Android application, and comes with split tunneling–allowing you to route applications through the VPN and others to the normal internet.