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PLEDGE’s charity hopes enabling underprivileged Tamil Communities living in North and East of Sri Lanka a future and a hope through educational development and self-sufficient communities.


Join our “HOPE” Mission to raise awareness to promote life

You can be confident that your involvement makes a real difference to the lives of Tamil Community and children living in poverty. 100% of funds donated go directly to our projects in Sri Lanka.

Community in vulnerable state, situations and circumstance sometimes gets in their way driving generation into hopeless situation; 35 years’ war didn’t do any good for the entire generation for decades it has induced fear and developed negative impact on community development. Families lost their love once, many young men and women suffering from disability where there are services in place to address these younger generations’ life issues. Easy access to cheap alcohol and drugs available in street markets, introduction of mixed culture into vulnerable communities where there isn’t any hope for their future lack of employment opportunities, language barriers, poverty, addition and many other external factors affecting entire generations.


Hope Focus

Raising awareness campaign of impact, implication and introduction to programs that overcome and strengthen individuals and families and create long term future road map and programs they can participate.