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Pledge to Restore believes that good governance is a means of staying accountable and remaining worthy of trust. We take ultimate responsibility for the governance of operations in Australia and in overseas countries. Our executive committee take full responsible for overseeing the functions of the chariy organisation, from recruiting members, policy development, operational procedural development and practices, strategy, management and the operation of our charity The Executive delegated the responsibility of management, operation and administration to the Leadership Team.

Executive Committee and Advisory Board Code of Conduct

The Executive Committee takes its duty to act in good faith and fulfil its legal obligations seriously, and our policies, process, procedures, reporting & monitoring developed accordance with Australian law and ACNC Charity Act.

Act to establish the Australian Charities and Notforprofits Commission and a national regulatory framework for the notforprofit sector, and for related purposes.

Function and powers of Advisory Board

(1) The Advisory Board’s function is to provide advice and make operational recommendations to the charity functions under charity Act.

(2) The Advisory Board has power to do all things necessary in connection with the performance of its function.

We take into account the best interests of Pledge to Restore members, supporters, volunteers, and partner organisations. Our Code of Conduct is in place to ensure the Executive committee and advisory board acts with the highest standards of honesty, integrity, respect and fairness.

Advisory Board

The functions of advisory board as a whole is responsible for determining the extent of powers delegated to each committee and are ultimately responsible for accepting, modifying, or rejecting committee recommendations.

Our Policies

We give importance for great emphasis on maintaining appropriate policies and procedures to ensure we fulfil our obligations to comply with various state and federal legislation and regulations. Particular areas of focus include the Corporations Act, privacy legislation, child protection, ATO and ACNC charities legislation and law.

Risk Management

Pledge to Restore introduce policies to identify risk and management process to minimise and ensure risks are being managed and comply with Australian and overseas country law.

Our risk management policy provides a framework to ensure financial, operational and overseas fund transfer, anti-money laundering and financial management. We closely work with partners to assess any political, economic, terrorism funding and social risks before we commence any financial commitments to partners or individuals.

We identify gaps or opportunities for improvement in our policies, procedures and processes to make informed decisions about risk appetite and implementation of control efforts, allocation of resources.

We develop risk mitigation strategies including applicable internal controls for residual risk exposure and we ensure executive and advisory board are made aware of the key risks, control gaps and remediation efforts.