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Livelihood assistance in Sri Lanka

Livelihood assistance in Sri Lanka

Jul 2017
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Restoring a self-supporting livelihood both economically and self-sustainability to those people who have been suffered and lost everything from civil war conflicts and natural disasters.
Displaced families returning to their homes, land has been devastated, houses and wells are destroyed, and most people without jobs. Pledge to restore Livelihood project assisting financially disadvantaged families and communities to clean up, restore, repair and maintain wells for village farming, develop and restore agriculture farming land, Introduction of training and development programs for Agricultural initiatives to empower communities for self-reliance in the north and Eastern Sri Lanka.
Livelihood community empowerment projects introduce self-reliance and resettle in peaceful and stable environments for community sustainability. Our project will contribute to providing stable access to water and increasing income by harvesting more crops throughout the year. And, the activities of agricultural cooperatives leading to community activation.

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