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Disability Support service

Disability Support service

Jul 2017
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Disability Support Service

People with disability in North and East of Sri Lanka are frequently subject to treatment that may constitute inhuman, ill-treatment, violence and abuse, long-term neglect of basic human needs, and painful and degrading behaviour modification techniques and practices’.

Programs enable differently able people to take care of their future. We provide a wide range of tailored, flexible and quality services such as;

  • Life skills: help build everyday life skills to support more independence, confidence and control.
  • Positive behaviour support: specialized support for children and adults with behaviours of concern.
  • Job skills & Employment pathways: training differently able people to find self-employment opportunities.
  • Personal care and hygiene support
  • Physiotherapy: by engaging experienced professionals, ensuring that the needy people live insecure condition, access the severity of their condition and provide treatment aimed at restoring their strength, balance and mobility
  • Promotes equal opportunities to take part in the sport and recreation activities
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