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Create Hope

Create Hope

Dec 2017
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Create Hope

Raising awareness campaign of impact to create HOPE, introduction to programs that overcome and strengthen individuals and families and create long term future road map and programs they can participate.

Drugs, Alcohol and Suicide Prevention Programs

Drugs, Suicide and Alcohol prevention program includes awareness campaigns, funding drug and alcohol treatment services, a range of prevention activities, as well as supporting activities to guide individuals and communities to overcome drug and alcohol addiction and integrate back into community.

  • Support drug and alcohol treatment services across North and East of Sri Lanka to reduce the impact of substance misuse on individuals, families, carers and communities.
  • Support prevention and early intervention activities and promote evidence-based information about drug and alcohol through education.
  • Support service linkages between drug and alcohol treatment services and mental health services, as well as with social, educational and vocational long-term support services.
  • Develop and recommend a crisis plan for volunteers to prepare to equip to address suicidal incidents, support referrals, provide ongoing support for individual’s prevention and recovery process, in order to stay safe and get the help when they need.


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