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11 Oct 2022

Discover, that’s what this new app is made for

“Atheism isn’t really ‘This new Atheism’. There are so many those who aren’t cishet light people and you will that have experiences external how you feel away from once you thought off ‘Atheism’. People who have numerous right have gotten to getting see your face of atheism because which is exactly how advantage work, however, many us try marginalized some body whose battle, intercourse, sex, etcetera. features formed our link to religion and you can nonreligion, which you are able to skip in the event the merely form of atheist your admit try a much light cis boy. In addition, that image of atheism that comes with the thoughts are inspired by the anti-atheist belief you to definitely can be acquired inside our Christian-dominant people, so if you never usually think atheists since that have state-of-the-art and polite motivation because of their philosophy, think why.”

disappointed we haven’t been so active recently! however, i did so make a dissension server to own atheists, atheist-tilting agnostics, and atheist-wanting to know individuals. it’s an enthusiastic intersectional, queer-positive area and you may mention atheism and you can faith as much as you wish! take me an encourage regarding anon to possess an invitation link 🙂

  • you happen to be a beneficial terf/swerf/radfem
  • you happen to be an exclusionist by any means (truscum/transmed/ace/bi exclusionist etc)
  • you may be right-wing/republican/alt-correct

I am examining your blog! thus remember to publish me an ask. for those who dm myself i can nevertheless give you upload myself an encourage. this might be non-flexible. that being said, please register, I’m most amicable and i like talking-to fellow atheists.

Never fucking accept that folks are still uncritically reblogging one awful blog post regarding how all of us gays and pocs are merely atheists since the regarding spiritual traumatization while light cishets can only just started to atheism from feared worst reasoning

“typical wantmatures recenzГ­ anyone the praise gods such these are generally supposed to, anything will likely be deeply incorrect along with you so you’re able to justify your being an enthusiastic atheist” – those who are presumably woke

Periodic note you to one blog post clearly labeled new “cult off research” and several thousand basically modern some body spotted little completely wrong which have one to framing.

Yeah intercourse are chill perhaps (if you are on the that kind of matter) but have your ever really tried blasphemy or reasonable-to-significant heresy up against the tyrant one to phone calls themselves “God”?

A lot of people has in depth what is actually fucked right up about that “light male atheism are fundamentally distinctive from Marginalized Atheism” blog post, but I recently strike into primary reason they bothers me personally:

They ranking faith just like the individual standard, at which you are excused only if you’re good enough broken. Such “Perhaps it is ok when you are shipping to cope” – when it is simply a consolation prize for being damaged and pitiable, it is not extremely ok after all. It’s okay if you cannot be spiritual due to stress, however, always keep in mind that the are an individual drawback, a direct result your own ruin, and therefore *compliment anyone* is actually spiritual.

Below it schematic, atheism actually only another way to be people and you may think human thoughts. It’s a departure regarding the “natural”, we.age. spiritual, county, and you can might most useful has actually a really justification getting going against the grains. Do you think you could defect out-of normal area because you *want* to? That is merely the light male right talking. Marginalized men and women have suffered adequate to secure the legal right to problem, however, you’re attending shut-up and you will supplement Jesus eg a normal person.

Intersectional feminist atheism

unwell atheists have been advised the atheism comes from the mental illness: you may be wonderful and you will effective and there’s no problem with you

We know your didnt favor your own infection. The infection is not the blame. You’re great and you may good while you should never you desire theism to get through!

no it has got not. do not remove brand new a lot of time histories of men and women are persecuted for not assuming just the right something. a choice ranging from that faith and demise isn’t an alternative

Really, today it is an alternative. Lots of people passed away so we could get to the level where we are today. Posterity is actually posterity. I shall award him or her if you take the danger it never you will: features an option during the whether I would like to proceed with the ascribed God or perhaps not.

it is not the posterity. We have admiration to the possibilities you will be making, but people are nonetheless ostracized, trashed of the house, and you may murdered to be atheists