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Corporate giving with impact, tailored to your business needs

Pledge to Restore charity creates opportunity for companies to maximise the impact and benefits of charitable giving through technology solutions, project sponsors, donations, professional advice on community project, grant applications, grant programs, and sustainable charity partnership.

ESG has gained significant attention in the business and investment world as stakeholders increasingly recognize the importance of sustainable and socially responsible practices. As a charity organisation encouraging investors consider ESG factors when making investment decisions to align their portfolios better positioned for long-term s success in a changing world.

Incorporating ESG principles pledge aligns activities with our mission and values, enhances credibility for donors and supporters who prioritize sustainability and social impact, and improves long-term sustainability.

Why ESG?

Actively engaging and promoting ESG principles contribute to a more sustainable, equitable, and responsible future for businesses and society.

Environmental focuses on the impact of a company’s operations on the environment. It includes carbon emissions, energy consumption, waste management, water usage, pollution, and climate change mitigation strategies. Companies with strong environmental practices aim to minimize their ecological footprint and promote sustainability.

The social component impact on society and its stakeholders. It evaluates Labor practices, human rights, workplace diversity and inclusion, community engagement, customer satisfaction, and product safety. Socially responsible companies prioritize fair treatment of employees, support their local communities, and maintain positive relationships with customers.

The governance company’s decision-making, accountability, and transparency. It includes board composition, executive compensation, shareholder rights, auditing practices, and legal and ethical standards adherence. Businesses with solid governance practices prioritize integrity, accountability, and responsible leadership.

We support the businesses that demonstrate a commitment to ESG practices. This can include purchasing products or services from environmentally friendly companies, ethical brands, and those prioritizing fair Labor practices and social initiatives.

Pledge will advocate for ESG principles and encourage organizations to adopt sustainable and socially responsible practices. Engage with policymakers, participate in public discussions, and support initiatives that promote ESG awareness and implementation.

We embrace sustainable habits in personal life.  Which contribute to reduce energy consumption, minimize waste, support local and organic products, and make environmentally conscious choices.  By leading by example, you can inspire others to adopt sustainable practices.

By integrating ESG principles, organizations can enhance their sustainability, strengthen social impact, and build stakeholder trust. It demonstrates a commitment to responsible practices, transparency, and a holistic approach to creating positive change in the country.

Boost employee engagement

Improve staff participation, morale and retention by matching your employees’ charitable activity, from workplace giving donations, fundraising and/or volunteering efforts. We can create a tailor-made plan that works with your business and community investment objectives.

Achieve greater impact for your business and the community

Whether you’re looking for effective solutions for your charitable giving, advice on developing sustainable partnerships with charities, or guidance on maximising your impact through the development of a long-term corporate community investment strategy, can help you to make more of an impact and derive significant benefit for your company.