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9 Oct 2023

A board portal is a platform which allows for better governance, increases meeting efficiency and productivity, and cuts down on administrative tasks such as preparing, sharing, and disseminating documents. Companies realize a significant return on their investment through cutting down on the amount of paper required, printing costs and reducing the amount of time spent on labour.

The modern board portal offers an easy and secure alternative to traditional methods of distributing documents. For example, corporate secretaries can build and distribute board packages by pressing a button. This allows for instant updates and ensures that directors can access the latest version of the board’s documents and materials.

Modern board management solutions can also be used on devices that directors own. This allows for convenience and accessibility to directors who are on the move. Board members can access the portal via a variety of devices including desktop computers and tablets. They can also collaborate and participate in discussions with other directors as well as the board administrator whether they are in a room together or on the other side of the globe.

When selecting a board portal it is important to choose one that is simple for users and easy to understand. The more user-friendly an application is, the less training directors and board administrators will require for its use. It is crucial to take into consideration the technical skills of your board members and plan the training sessions to meet the needs of your board members.