Saturday - Sunday: 10:00AM - 4:00PM

Pledge to Restore encourage young talents and unemployed communities to pursue a career in various industries, those wishing to explore their career options, research to see job possibilities, identify induvial interests and skill areas, and set career goals and plans to achieve them.

Local candidates struggle to find right employment opportunities in their home town or villages, our career guide help to create employment opportunity and introduce innovative ideas to develop new career path by setting goals and respond to reality.

Tamil community living in North and East of Sri Lanka lived most of their life in civil war situation, these community starting their life from ground level, established businesses and factories has been destroyed or unable to operate, talents, skilled and professionals left the country those left behind in the process of recovering from war scars and younger generation started to realise the reality of life.

Our charity mission work in progress to restore and rebuild distorted community lifestyle, our aim is to introduce new talents, innovations, and create hope and opportunities for the younger and unemployed community groups by providing realistic guidance and expertise advice in the following areas

1. Goal setting (Life Goals, Job Goals)
2. Create pleasure and passion
3. Overcome depression and restriction
4. Analyse Economic Reality
5. Gain knowledge and Experience
6. Location and relocation
7. Community need and creating opportunity
8. Time is everything and set priority
9. Laying foundation
10. Willing to change and be flexible
11. Change fulfilment
12. Lift off and Enjoy the ride
13. Create purpose in their life journey
Once we prepared the ground, with our partners support and investor’s commitments we will focus on introducing new business investments for the talent to take ownership of responsibility and establish sustainable business model.