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Food and agriculture are fundamental to human survival and it was the birth of agriculture and farming that laid down the basis for human civilisation. Pledge to restore invests in the human capital to develop potential leaders who are willing to tackling some of greatest social challenges local community facing today. Our ultimate goal is to empower leaders who will step up to impact their social enterprises and ultimately deliver sustainable community impact.

We believe growing leaders is the most effective strategy for solving complex social problems and achieving poverty elimination and create community wealth.

Farmers have the potential to play a key role in developing local economies. 35 years’ Civil War has destroyed farming industry in North and East of Sir Lanka, our focus to support farmers with lack the resources, training, or funds to increase productivity. These farmers may not be familiar with techniques for optimizing agricultural output; and translating harvests into profit presents an additional hurdle. Pest infestations, rotting crops, lack of storage facilities, and navigating local trade networks are additional issues that prevent farmers from getting the most from their hard work and providing for their families.

Agriculture Innovations

We help local farmers access to effective training solutions and farming modern technology. Pledge works with governments, research organisations, businesses, farming community and NGOs to design innovative solutions and refine interventions spanning agriculture, education, health and governance to restore agriculture wealth.

Sustainable intensification requires research and development by breeders and agricultural instructors to generate and convert new knowledge into products and farming operations, but it is only when these are adopted by farmers that their benefits are captured

Our Programs

  • Design and implementation of new technologies, production or processing techniques
  • Adoption of food production or processing technologies developed overseas
  • Introduce innovative redesign of existing farming methods to improve efficiencies and productivity.
  • Establish research and development programs
  • Grow local economies and improve health
  • Support sustainable agriculture – Method of growing or raising food without harming the environment
  • Develop strategy and framework more of a local market-driven approach
  • Training and Capacity Building