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Other features of the Comics app include storing your purchased comics on an SD card and offline reading. Once the app completes its calculations, the data goes to the Garvan Institute of Medical Research. DreamLab is free to use and download on both Android and iOS devices. Perfect for astronomy buffs, the Stellarium Mobile Sky Map app helps you explore the night sky to learn about stars, constellations, and planets with a swipe and a tap. There’s even a GPS feature, allowing you to navigate the stars by waving your phone in different directions. With lessons broken down into easy-to-understand steps and its consistently encouraging feedback, Programming Hub is a great app for those who want to learn a programming language at their own pace.

cool apps for phone

Phone, browser and desktop apps make our lives easier, and that’s why it is so important to have the right one. So we went ahead and made a list of 13 cool apps to make your everyday life easier. Cool Blue developed a Mobile Web App for Urban Enterprises’ ambassador teams. The goal of the project was to develop an application that organizes and reports on each team member’s tasks for various client projects. This solution was built as a cloud intranet system running on mobile browsers. “Cool Blue evaluated our needs and recommended a mobile web app in the project discovery phase.

Lesser Known Android Apps That You Probably Didn’t Know

Cooling applications function by monitoring the real-time temperature of your phone and alerting you about overheating. The cooling applications will then modify your phone’s settings and close the power-hungry apps that are causing your phone to overheat. So now that we know the basics of phone cooler applications, let’s proceed with the list.

cool apps for phone

Ever since WhatsApp rolled out the feature of the ‘Blue ticks’ or ‘Read Receipts’, it’s almost impossible to read WhatsApp messages without notifying the sender, unless you disable the Read Receipt option. To transfer the files, open on your computer, scan the code using the in-app QR analyzer and you are good to go. This app comes in great use when transferring offline songs from PC to phone. If your work involves the frequent transfer of files from your PC to your phone, then Portal – WiFi File Transfers is your best bet to manage the work wirelessly. Since it works over WiFi, the transfer is fast and quick, regardless of the file size.

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Not only does it let you mark where you’ve parked your car and then help you find it again (using the phone’s GPS), but Carrr Matey has at least one thing the others do not. Phone Cooler is among the perfect Phone Cooling Apps that regulate the device’s temperature while cooling it. Your phone will operate more quickly since it manages and exits resource-hogging programs.

cool apps for phone

It has a slew of advanced settings like ISO and exposure adjustments, settings the focus or the white balance, etc. Fast Finder is a light Android app which searches and gathers the results under a single roof. So, whether it’s a contact name or a file name, all you need to do is type in a few keywords and it would be presented to you in a jiffy.

Calming Mobile Games & Apps to Help You Keep Your Cool

There are over 20 programming languages to choose from, including HTML, Python, Java, and C programming. TEDICT is an app for those who want to understand English better. You are asked to write a dictation based on TED lecture recordings. You already have slots where you have to insert the letters – your task is to hear the phrases correctly and write them in. Great for developing listening comprehension, and instead of boring listening to some IELTS you listen to beautiful TED lectures.

cool apps for phone

Considering that Android phones don’t have as many options for video editing as the iPhone — they even have a native app for video editing! Easy to use and learn, you will be able to cut, trim and merge video clips you recorded with your camera. So, these are the super cool Android apps you can use today. All of the apps are free and available on the Google Play Store. If you want to suggest other Android apps, let us know in the comments below.

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Once you create your desired image, you can save it, share it on your social media accounts, email it, or text it. It’s free to download and use on both Android and iOS mobile devices. This means you can use it at will on any device you want, at any moment, without any restrictions.

You can then share your changed voice with friends and have fun. While there are a number of voice changer apps for Android this one is my favorite. Dad Jokes is one of my most favorite fun and cool apps on Android. If you are somehow not familiar with the concept of dad jokes, these are basically cheese and corny jokes and puns that dads love to tell. If you love corny jokes are you going to enjoy using this app.

I will walk you through how I structured variables in a comprehensive design system in under 4 days.

After considering different ChatGPT app options for Android, I settled on Chat AI PowerBrain. This app uses the most innovative AI-powered model and can significantly improve productivity and save time on several tasks. With PowerBrain, for example, you can create a blog post in minutes. Now that the latest Star Trek movie has revamped the entire franchise, it’s become more acceptable to admit that you’re a Star Trek geek. So you don’t have to hide the fact that you’ve downloaded an app onto your Android phone called Tricorder.

  • For the imbiber who wants to keep track of all the booze they’ve consumed.
  • This is one of the funniest deep fake apps that exists on the internet.
  • To help you in working around that, you can install Nova Launcher, which lets you customize your device at will, making it look like stock Android if you want.
  • It measures the strength of the cellular and Wi-Fi signals in your area.
  • If you are utterly bored and want something to just distract you from the monotony, then Particles Flow could be a great addition to your Android smartphone.
  • Along with the hilarious content, it’s the community that makes 9GAG even more fun.
  • The updated search engine is based on an improved ChatGPT model called the new “Prometheus model”.

It lessens the demand placed on the CPU, improving performance. Better performance is possible with the Phone Cooler, which also addresses and resolves several issues. RunPee is a cool one-of-a-kind iPhone app that offers the best time to go run for a pee break when watching a film in the theaters. The list of films is added every week and whenever a new film is released, it is automatically added to RunPee. To get the alerts, you sit down to watch the film and begin the movie timer on the app.

Best Cool and Fun Android Apps in 2020

AI results will appear in that window, and you can discuss them by entering up to 2,000 characters. The updated search engine is based on cool apps for phone an improved ChatGPT model called the new “Prometheus model”. The chatbot will answer your questions from various fields of knowledge.